Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Newborn: Baby Robert [3 weeks]

Remember baby Robert? Well I went over for a visit when he was three weeks & ohhh he is a cutie! Loved my camera... followed me with his eyes everywhere I went, I'm in LOVE with him! He's all full of energy and don't be fooled just because he's three weeks doesn't mean he's not strong... Mommy wrapped him up in the Lakers blanket that you will see below, it lasted a good 5 seconds! Yup, he wiggled his way out, soo cute. Seriously internet, I was amazed how fast babies grow! I'm sure you will notice a difference. Handsome already... Let me know your thoughts :)

Daddy says he's a Raiders & Lakers fan in the making ;) CUTENESS!

Look at his tongue full of milk.... awww

Baby Robert, is it ok if I call you Bobby?! I need to get permission from mommy... but for now what I do know, I just met you a couple weeks ago & I love you soo much already!!!!

(auntie) B.Love


  1. Awww so adorable!!! Totally loving the laker stuff :) Great job, B!

  2. aww these are too cute, he sure is getting big already. (robert's mommy) dont blink they grow up way too fast.


  3. These are gorgeous!!! Beautiful work Belinda!

  4. I love,love,love the pics,hun...they came out beautiful!!!


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