Friday, August 27, 2010

All about the Hike

So last Friday afternoon I found an online group called "photographers/hikers" and immediately I thought PERRRFECT! That's two of my favorite things in the world! Only thing I was hesitant about was the fact that it was an 8.5 mile hike. I quickly bypassed that red flag because I hadn't been hiking in forever. I've been so busy lately that I told myself you cant pass this up; Besides in the description it read "mostly shady" & "relaxed pace."  

My brother agreed to go with me because Eddy had to work. We got to Malibu found a spot to park & greeted the group. I dont have a problem meeting new people & felt comfortable right away.  It was a good 30 people (see group picture below - can you find me?) Oh & don't hate on the pictures, they were all take with my point & shoot camera :) & it was very hot.  For us Souther California peeps, 90 degrees is HOT okay. 

At first we started off at a good pace (for me) until we started going up hill for what felt like an eternity. It was probably five plus minutes non-stop at a time. Group picture above was our first rest 30 minutes in, and if you find my face - I'm already tired!! lol Kept telling myself what did you get yourself into?!

Needless to say it took us 3.5 hours to get to the top where we found seashell fossils & a wonderful view. Well worth all my huffing & puffing I can now say.

I'm still smiling in the picture below so I'm going to take a guess 
& say this was taken at the start of the hike! ha ha

I didn't take many pictures going up, because I was too busy trying to breathe, 
in case you were wondering.

The awesome fossils

The view: Self-explanitory

My brother David & I

Thank you for carrying my backpack bro, couldn't have done it without you!

Overall, I'm glad I went ahead and spontaneously did the hike. Could I have been better prepared? Physically, no doubt! I had never been soo happy to see & sit in my car! lol Still soo very proud of myself, that I finished the hike. There were people who turned around three hours in & headed back. We made it to the top & let me tell you - that is one of the greatest feelings in the world! Because I know I pushed myself past those negative thoughts of wanting to turn around, of giving up, but I didn't. Total time in the hike was approximately five, yes FIVE hours! Easy? Not even close. Beyond difficult is more like it, but I can proudly say I DID IT :) 

On the way down I had about an hour and a half (it was much easier since it was downhill) to think about the overall experience & life in general. Sometimes life throws you lemons, but like they say; Make lemonade! Never give up on your dreams. And don't let them just stay dreams. Do something about it, work hard, and become the person you've always dreamed of. It's not going to become of reality just waiting around for it... In the future I want to become a destination wedding photographer where I will be able to travel & do what I love most, document L-O-V-E. Does it sound far-fetched. To some I'm sure. But not to me. I'm working hard to improve on my skills, learning the inside & outs of my camera, and working with the equipment I have & MAKING IT WORK. Yes, I wish I had a better camera or every lens out there, but for now, I'm working with what I got & making the best of it. And you should to. 

What is your dream? I told you mine, I'd love to hear from you. Does your dream sound crazy to others? Don't let that stop you from getting where you want to be and accomplishing your goals. 


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to the world: Violet [ 3 months ]

World, meet Violet. She's loving, beautiful & brings joy not only to her parents but all those around her. Born on May 9th, 2010 weighing in at 7lbs 6 ounces 19 inches long, she was the best Mother's Day present her mommy Cassandra could ask for!
Someone who loved Violet before she was born knitted the lovely blanket :)
Oh & baby feet, I just love them! You'll never see them this tiny again

Isnt she gorgeous?

Sucking on her thumb... aww cuteness!

My favorite...
Cassandra, thank you for letting me document your bundle of joy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections . . .

Last night I got home waay past my bedtime. I was tired yet my mind didn't have plans to rest. There were too many questions floating around in my head (still are) in regards to my business. Goals? Where I want to see my business in 5 years? What makes me different from other photographers? Failure, etc. . . and the list goes on. Its not that I haven't not had these questions before, but you can say I've been putting them off.
 Jeff Jochum, of was the guest speaker and blew me away! This was my first Smugmug L.A. meeting which was held at the Global Cafe in Studio City (thank you Cherisse for inviting me), and I loved it! I'm hooked. Personally, Jeff left me with alot of good questions and a clarity of where I want to take my business. Next, I need to map it out. This weekend I will be making "Goal Charts" that will constantly remind me, in case I get sidetracked. I encourage you to do the same & check out the links above.
 If your looking to meet new people in the same business with similar goals, I strongly suggest you attend these meetings (once a month) and I promise you will leave with at least one good piece of advice or a new friend ;) Best part its FREE! So check out their website & I hope to see you next month!

Whose coming with me??

In other news, I'm not sure if you noticed, but this blog has a new address - (formally known as don't forget to change your RSS feeds!
Also, I've been tweaking my website so check out the new stuff on there

And because a post is always better with a picture, this is a quote that I jotted down from last night

It's Friday, the weather is expected to be awesome this weekend, so get out there & enjoy! xoxo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Behind the Sences of Styled Shoot : Ft. Damaris Mia

(I know I'm super behind & I apologize)

Damaris Mia. She's a beautiful person inside & out. She's kind, caring and always willing to help out other photographers. We met online thru facebook & that was just the beginning... A couple months ago, Damaris invited me to join her in a styled shoot that featured one couple and three locations. Let me tell you, we had a blast! Since then, I had a session with her because I needed pictures for my website & a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - PF Changs. We've also discussed more styled shoots and photographer events :) So stay tuned for that. And if your a photographer & interested in joining us, shoot me an email and I'll keep you in the loop with those events.

Again, check out here website & facebook page... dont forget to show her some looooove!
(as bloggers, we appreciate every single comment. F'reals)

Getting down ;)

Damaris, your a talented photographer & I'm blessed to be able to call you my friend... 'Cheers' to many more years of friendship! And my God continue to prosper your business XOXO

Happy Friday ya'll!
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