Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to the world: Robert

I've been friends with Mariana since 7th grade. Yup, we go way back... after middle school we would write each other letters (hand written there wasnt email or texting back then) every other month or so. Though miles apart we've always managed to keep in touch. She has always been there for me & was at my side on my wedding day. Fast forward to this past Tuesday... Mariana gave birth to her first child Robert Felix ii, and has made me a happy auntie! I cant wait to spoil him rotten :) I was able to visit her the day after giving birth and here are the few images I was able to snap in between frequent doctor & nurse visits to the newest mommy in my life <3

Eight hours of labor.... all worth it to meet her baby boy! 

Baby Robert only wanted to open one eye ;)

Proud auntie (me), holding him for the first time!
*** iphone picture, dont hate ***

Finally as I was getting ready to leave he opened BOTH eyes!!! :)

Mariana, I know you will be a wonderful mother to your bundle of joy! I cant wait to see you both again & remember, I am always here for you! I LOVE YOU...

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  1. awww Belinda..these are precious!! i love the b&w!
    Congrats to the family on their wonderful addition!!! I can't wait to see him 'grow up' before our eyes on your blog :)
    big hugs..


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