Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY Friday | Old picture frame into amazing chalkboard!

Finally its Friday! I love Fridays because it leads up to the best days of the week :) Not only is it Friday, but can you believe it's MARCH already!? Where has time gone? Seriously. 

Anyway, if you know me, you know I love home decor & crafting. And now that I'm blessed to be a stay at home mommy (thanks to my hard-working hubs), I now have more time to be crafty (while Emma naps). For the past couple of years, photography has been my only outlet for this creative side, but now the passion has been revived :) Ever since I worked on my daughters baby shower, it reminded me how fun it was & quickly became intrigued all over again by all the different things you can make with the most random supplies! I also got into sewing (made baby girl some blankets - image below)  which I'm still learning. Since then, I've been wanting to launch this new DIY series, but due to lack of time & energy (because my bundle of joy keeps me pretty busy) this project had been delayed.

Anyway, who here has a Pintrest account? From the day I signed up, I haven't been able to get off! It's soo addicting... the ideas on there are ENDLESS! It's like a little piece of heaven to me because I love to customize EVERYTHING :)

So every Friday I want to share Do It Yourself projects that will hopefully inspire you to think outside of the box & maybe get your hands a little dirty. As my daughter gets older I plan to incorporate her help as well, which I totally encourage you to involve your kiddos too... Some projects may be easier than others, but always fun! Maybe not the process itself, but when you see your finished project you'll feel very accomplished!!

*** I promise that future post will not have such a long intro, promise ;)

Ever wanted a lovely chalkboard frame? I know I search & search many stores when looking for one for Emma's babyshower.. I wish I would have known about this! I had to settle for a not-so-nice one from Michaels :/ but it did the job! So I got this idea off of Pintrest & I wanted to share this quick & easy way to make a fabulous chalkboard! Yes, easy. Let's get started!

  1. Inexpensive picture frame (mine is an 8x10 I found at TJ Maxx)
  2. Primer
  3. Color spray paint of your choice
  4. Chalkboard spray paint 
  5. Antiquing glaze *optional*
  6. paint brushes *optional*
  7. Rag of disposable fabric *optional*

* TIP * - I suggest you purchase the paints & primer at a home improvement store like Home Depot, Lowe's or even Walmart because they are much more affordable than at craft stores - hey, every penny counts right? :)

Once you have your frame, remove the glass, backing & prepare your surface. Begin spraying with the primer first. Allow to dry. Then with the bottle of color, spray entire frame, I usually do two coats. While that is drying get the glass that came in the frame & spray it with your chalkboard paint. Again, allow to dry completely. When all is completely dry, I re-glued the backing with a hot glue gun. AND ta-daaa, you have your self a unique chalkboard!

***Next steps are totally optional

But because I'm into vintage stuff & I like my decor to look that way, I went an extra couple of steps to accomplish this... I used Valspar Antiquing glaze which you can get at your local Lowe's... At first, I thought paying $9 for this small bottle was alot, but a little goes a long way with this stuff!

* Note I'm no expert when it comes to using this stuff, but this is the method that has worked for me.
Once your paint is all dry on the frame, you get a dab of the glaze and begin brushing it on all over the frame. Directions say to allow to dry for at least 24 hours - I usually cannot wait that long, but just make sure it is really dry, I say a couple hours will do, then with the old rag begin to rub it off... If your paint is not dried well enough you can rub the paint right off! So be careful. 

Below is my finished product... what do you think? It can be used as a photography prop, party, home decor or whatever you like! I'll probably find a spot for mine around the house.

I would love to see if you go ahead and try out this project! Let me hear from you, don't be shy! :)

Have a wonderful weekend <3's


  1. Where did you find that beautiful frame?

  2. I found it at TJ Maxx -- I think it was like $10 :)

  3. Love it and I the vintage look is a plus!!

  4. Love this! So you find that using the glass as the actual chalkboard is okay? Works okay? Are you ever scared you'll crack it? I want to do these, and had been wondering if I'd need to get thin particle board or plywood or balsa to put inside the frame.... I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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