Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation: Janelle

She's clever, witty & beautiful. Janelle's been working very hard the past four years in school to get a college education & is proud to say she has her bachelors degree in Business from Cal State Fullerton. And with good reason... I know she will excel at her new job that is already lined up & will be very sucessful. Its just easy to see in some people you know.
When Janelle initially coontacted me about taking her graduation pictures she mentioned never doing anything like it before... but if you ask me she's a natural in front of the camera and rocked her cute summer dress! Choosing the beach as her location was a no brainer considering, like me, she refers to it as her second home :)  And of course it was nice and sunny in Southern California ;)
On our way home we stopped & grabbed dinner at Tommy Bahamas to celebrate pre-graduation! I feel honored to have such an amazing  job where I can meet new people and later call them friends! Seriously, I'm truely blessed.

Fierceness all over this. I love it!

To see more on this session CLICK HERE to view the slideshow & again, CONGRATS Janelle!

Did you guys notice the new logo? With the new name... this is part of what is coming that I'm really excited to show with you guys :) Here is a sneak peak of my new page check it out & let me know your thoughts! Stay safe this holiday weekend!!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change, change, chaaaaange . . .

Change is coming to my business. I'm sooo excited, I just cant hide it! Still cant give you the details but will very soon, promoise. Did you notice the slideshow now being offered to my wonderful clients? Hope you did, if not click here to view Priscilla & George's Save the Date session ;) its a little something that will enable my clients to show their pictures with family & friends. And I'm always please to hear what you guys think, either thru email or comments (preferably) So show me some love!!!

And because a blog is always better with a picture, here's a preview of Janelle's graduation session . . . more to come soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Save the Date: Priscilla & George

He's my better half is how Priscilla introduced him to me. They met a couple years ago "by chance" she says . . . this was before facebook, they had mutual friends & somehow connected. And when they connected, they clicked! 

It was meant to happen I remember her telling me. And seriously, they are perfect for eachother. Even just from the breif time I was around them, I saw how much they love eachother. George looks at Priscilla as if it was the first time, with that awe in his eyes. And how could you not? She's beautiful in & out... And Priscilla always finds a way to make him laugh and bring out the best in him.

Two amazing people whose lives have crossed perfectly and they're planning to spend the rest of it, side by side. Forever. In the months that follow, they will be planning their dream wedding for 2011 & I'm honored to document their love early in their engagement.

Priscilla, your beautiful!

To view more of Priscilla & George's session CLICK HERE for slideshow

Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview: Priscilla & George (Save the Date)

Love is in the air . . . Here's a sneak peak to yesterdays fun session! More to come very soon 

Happy Friday & dont forget to tell your mom how much you love her! xoxo

New & exciting things are coming!
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