Friday, January 28, 2011

Isaiah: An Adorable Bookworm [9 months]

So I love when clients come to me and say "I want to make this session unique!" Internet, thats like music to my ears. When photographing children, my goal is to capture the present time and stage they are in as best I can. So Yessenia mentioned Isaiah loves books and being read to... Perfect! She put alot of thought into this session and it shows... Genuinely made the session more fun and personal. I always encourage props and Yessenia even made an old-school looking library book card with important dates, so cute!

As you scroll down the images you may think, hey this cutie looks familiar? If you've been reading my blog you may remember I took Isaiah's 3 month here and 6 month session here. In mommies eyes he's growing too fast... if you ask me, he gets cuter by the second ;) It was a pleasure and very fun to capture Isaiah at 9 months along with his parents. His features are quickly changing, teeth are now in with more on the way & he's as active as can be.

We met up at the Cerritos Library, that place is amazing for children... especially bookworms like Isaiah ;)

Then Isaiah insisted in showing me where his tia Stephanie is living right now... Germany ;)

I can't get enough of this lil face!

Some of his favorite reads...

Library book card... with some important dates <3

Playing hide & go seek! Sooo cute!!!

Yessenia, your gorgeous!

Look at this face & tell me he's not adorable.... and those cheeks :]

Playing catch with daddy...

Josheph and Yessenia, thank you for trusting me to capture your son at nine months. It's great to see how he makes you two soo happy!



  1. WOW i have no words to explain how in love i am with all the pictures. You always amaze me how talented you are and how you manage to capture all these beautiful moments. Thanks!!!!!


  2. What lens are you using on this photoshoot?

  3. So adorable! Great job, B! Totally love the library shoot :)


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