Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 years later . . . Happy Anniversary, my love!

Its been three years & I cant believe it... I remember when I was a kid and summers would last for what seemed like an eternity! My brother and I would always look forward to school... that lasted until I got to high school lol And now time seems to zip by... its practically November already, next thing you know it will be Christmas and New Years!

I don't know exactly how it happened because it all happened so fast; but I fell in love with you. And I don't regret the sleepless nights because we spent hours talking over the phone. Or driving out to the valley just to see you even if it was for only an hour. The fact that you chose to go to a baseball game with me as our first date because you knew I was a fan despite you not liking the sport. You made me feel special every single time. The love letters. The roses you would bring me, even if they were from the neighbors garden. You never seem to come over empty-handed. And to this day you complete me. Thank you for your commitment to our relationship from day one. I couldn't be happier. 

Loved you yesterday
Love you still
Always have
Always will

Three years ago today we stood before God, family and close friends, and you made me the luckiest girl in the world.  I look forward to growing old with you reminiscing about days like today while sipping on lemonade on our porch. 

Happy Anniversary, my love.


  1. i will admit i'm crying sitting here reading your post. you are very lucky to have Eddy in your life and vise versa you guys are perfect for each other. i am SOOOOO happy for you that you found the ONE that completes you and makes you happy.

    Happy Anniversary Amiga

    Love Yessy

  2. awe... I still remember that day as if it was yesterday :) LOL GOOD TIMES... even from the night before...driving around the city of Downey buying last minute things lol going to target and picking up the CD from your work... getting everything ready for the next day... and I remember that you looked stunning when I saw you... your eyes were just glowing the same way they glow when you see <3 him <3 I'm happy to be part of your life... we have good memories and I know we will continue to have more memories... God Bless amiga! Happy 3 year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously ladies... reading your comments brings tears to MY eyes!! I love you both very much & I feel very blessed to be able to call you MY AMIGAS! Muuuuuah <3

  4. :] I'm so happy for you! God has blessed you with an incredible husband who loves you unconditionally, and for that you are blessed. I pray that you two continue having a happy marriage.. May God continue to bless you both in the many years to come! Love ya!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful post...here's to many, many more years together :)

  6. Happy to see that, the person you wake up everyday is the person you want to continue to wake up everyday. May you have many.. many.. more years of happiness together.

  7. Congratulations! MAy you have many many more years together!!!! :)

  8. that's absolutely beautiful! congratulations!

  9. Amiga Congratulations!!! I am so thankful to have taken part in that special Day!!!! Time flies!!:)
    I am happy that you found a great man that loves and cares for you. Thank you for being a great Amiga!!! I miss you !!
    Once more congratulations! God bless !
    Miriam Tello

  10. Thx you everyone for taking the time out of your busy day to send us kind words! xoxo

  11. Congratulations Belinda! Happy Anniversary, and cheers to many more! May your love continue to grow and prosper. xoxo

  12. awww thx u very much Cherisse! Your very sweet <3


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