Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Emma's ballerina birthday party!

I'm really excited to share this entry with you. It's really close to my heart. Approximately a month ago my husband & I decided to have a birthday party for our daughter Emma. I'll be honest, at first we weren't going to do anything. Or maybe just a little cake here at home with the grandparents. But that was it. Then, I began thinking about it. And eventually had a change of heart. We decided to make this about celebrating the love & happiness our daughter has brought us & those near to us! For many reason tons of babies don't make it to their first birthday & that in itself was a reason to celebrate. I knew for sure I wanted this celebration to be intimate and full of joy! So that's what we did...
Looking back, all the hard work paid off seeing Emma laugh & enjoy herself that day. I had a blast making most of the details (which she can careless about today, but hopefully one day will cherish). I love crafting so it truly was a ton of fun!

A whole-hearted thank you to all who attended... you all hold a special place in our hearts.

Baby girl, may God continue to bless your life & keep you healthy and safe in His will... We love you more than words and actions can express! This past year has exceeded our exceptions. I never knew I could love someone soo much. Your everything I ever dreamed in a child and more. I love your kind heart & warm hugs. Morning snuggles are the best with you. I know I say this like all the time, but I'm truly blessed to be your mommy. 

Center-pieces along with two-sided frame at each table

Love me some lace ;)

"watch me grow" banner made out of doilies!

the Goodie bags!

Calendar party favors :)

No one had to tell her twice to dig in... 

My little family! <3

My little ballerina!


  1. Hi. I just love this! Great job on all the simple decor. My daughter will turn 1 in Feb. 2013 & ive been looking for ideas on the decor. Nothing to expensive either. Ballerina vintage theme. Where did you get all your stuff? Including her outfit?

    Thank you for sharing & hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi Cythina! Most of the stuff is all DIY... And her outfit is from the Gap. The ballerina shoes are from a store on Etsy. Thanks for your comment! xo


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