Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Bump: Kado

Baby Kado is only a few weeks away from making his entrance into this world... Daddy, mommy & big sister await his arrival anxiously! It was a delight to document how excited this family is to meet the newest addition... Here are my favorites

" A baby makes footprints in our lives
Even before they arrive! " 

Lucy is going to be an AWESOME big sister... I can see it already!

Anna is glowing!

Lucy is such a doll! She had me laughing & running with her :)

Cant wait to meet you baby Kado!!!

Alex & Anna, thank you for choosing me to document this special time in your life! 

Best wishes for the future!



  1. beautiful! she's beautiful..truly glowing!

  2. aww these are great pics Belinda, i love how cute and round tha belly is!!! makes me miss my belly lol


  3. awww!!! This family is so adorable!! mommy is absolutely gorgeous (more so bc she likes like my cousin! lol) and the three, excuse me, four, of them look so happy!! =)

    Great job on these Beli!


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