Thursday, May 13, 2010

Save the Date: Priscilla & George

He's my better half is how Priscilla introduced him to me. They met a couple years ago "by chance" she says . . . this was before facebook, they had mutual friends & somehow connected. And when they connected, they clicked! 

It was meant to happen I remember her telling me. And seriously, they are perfect for eachother. Even just from the breif time I was around them, I saw how much they love eachother. George looks at Priscilla as if it was the first time, with that awe in his eyes. And how could you not? She's beautiful in & out... And Priscilla always finds a way to make him laugh and bring out the best in him.

Two amazing people whose lives have crossed perfectly and they're planning to spend the rest of it, side by side. Forever. In the months that follow, they will be planning their dream wedding for 2011 & I'm honored to document their love early in their engagement.

Priscilla, your beautiful!

To view more of Priscilla & George's session CLICK HERE for slideshow


  1. nice work Belinda! Their gonna love the memories you documented for them!


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