Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change, change, chaaaaange . . .

Change is coming to my business. I'm sooo excited, I just cant hide it! Still cant give you the details but will very soon, promoise. Did you notice the slideshow now being offered to my wonderful clients? Hope you did, if not click here to view Priscilla & George's Save the Date session ;) its a little something that will enable my clients to show their pictures with family & friends. And I'm always please to hear what you guys think, either thru email or comments (preferably) So show me some love!!!

And because a blog is always better with a picture, here's a preview of Janelle's graduation session . . . more to come soon!


  1. What a pretty girl! Can't wait to see the rest. change is good Belinda! Looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve.

  2. Thx for your constant support! xoxo


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