Friday, April 2, 2010

Reach for the sky!

This weekend, tomorrow to be exact, I will be sky diving with a couple of girlfriends in celebration of my 25th birthday! I've received an array of reactions when I mentioned to family and friends my plans to sky dive. I dedcided to do this because I'm facing my fears. I will not get anywhere in life if I live dodging or hiding. Its all about facing the things that scare us because we fear we may not like the result. When in fact taking that risk gets us places we never imagined!
With that said, I'm not going out in a loom and state everyone who is afraid of heights should sky dive, because it may just not be for everyone. But I am saying that taking risks when it comes to love, something your passionate about, career, school, ect... does pay off! Taking that next step career-wise because you found it in you to introduce yourself to a potential client . . . Even deciding to be a "stay-at-home mom" and down-sizing to raise your kids for example.
You are the only person that will keep you from getting where you need to be in Life. I truely believe that.
Wishing you & yours a wonderful Easter weekend! xoxo

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