Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm alive :D

Just in case you were wondering... I'm alive! :) Thank God I was able to touch land in one piece after jumping out of a perfectly good plane!!! It was beyond awesome & I'm up to do it again! Again? Yes, maybe this summer. It just feels like an awsome accomplishment because I was able to face my fears & now I'm able to tell you all about it.
So I'm not even gonna lie. I was NERVOUS, but that didnt stop me. I was sweating bullets, just ask my girlfriends. If you know me, you know I'm not a coffee person. Well I was soo nervous on Saturday, that I had to stop to buy an iced macchiato - upside down caramel macchiato that is :) before we got on the road to Lake Elsinore.
The people at Skydive Elsinore  were incredibly nice! They are very organized & after signing my life away in their main office, we were sent away moving from station to station preparing us mentally I would say. It went as follows:
  • Sign life away
  • Video instruction
  • Physical instruction
  • Changing into suit
  • Meet & greet instructor
  • Video recording
  • More hands-on instructions
  • Walking into plane
  • Gearing up & adjusting straps
  • Save farewell on video
  • Ready, set, goooooooooooo
  • Next thing I knew I was free falling at approximately 120 miles/hr unable to close my mouth
Did I miss a step? Probably, but this is how I remember it! lol
It all happens soo fast, as if they dont even give you time to really think about changing you mind. \Which in my case, worked wonderfully :) This was my first time skydiving but definately not my last. I was able to share this experiance with four other brave friends... Crystal, Denise, Laurie & Marta - thanks ladies! And for my support group, Karla & Kathy that went to sheer us on & my facebook family - you know who you are ;)
With that said, have a wonderful weekend & dont get tired of saying I love you to those close to your heart <3

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