Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is it "luck" ?

Today is going to be a good day, I just know it. Heck its going to be a good week! And its not just because I'll be turning a year older later this week, but because I've come to appreciate what I'm given. Am I a saint? No, by far, but I've been brought up to be a grateful. Life is all about what we make of it. Do I believe in luck? No, but I do believe in blessings from above. And today, just because, I wanted to dedicate this blog to the little & not so little things that make life soo much better. 
  • My husband who knows me best & still puts up with me!
  • Family <3
  • Friends, especially those friends I consider family; I wouldnt be where I am today without your support, THANK YOU!
  • Opportunities that I'm given & may not deserve
  • Sunrises & sunsets
  • My kids, Troy & Lola. They are always soo eager to see me walk thru the door :)
  • Monday mornings earthquake; because they remind us life is too short to live with regrets
  • Comfortable shoes... Ohhh how I love thee & my feet thank you! Why cant all cute shoes be as comfortable as flip flops?!
  • Sound of waves crashing against the rocks
  • L-O-V-E, unconditional love that is which God demonstrates to me every single day
  • The smell of a garden filled with roses in the spring
  • Daylight savings time ;] makes my days longer & more productive! For reals
  • The way music can comfort the soul
This list of course, can be neverending if one sits down to think about it. But for the sake of the blog, I said I was only going to come up with five random reasons why I'm thankful and quickly turned into fourteen that are in no particular order.
What are you thankful for?
I leave you with the picture below that I shot the other day while at the park with the kids . . . xoxo

Happy Wednesday!!!

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