Thursday, May 23, 2013

Letter to my daughter: Happy 18 months Emma!

My dearest Emma:

I can't even begin to fathom that you are officially a "toddler" now! Your soul is so beautiful it radiates. I can't believe I get to be your momma. I feel incredibly blessed.

As you grow, so does your personality. Although you can be very shy at first, you always seem to warm up to new people at the perfect time. Some of your favorite words right now are "go", "yeah", "than chu", "mas", "yum" and my least favorite "no" ;) On occasion you still speak in your own language, which I think is you mimicking us speak English. It's soo cute! You LOVE to sing! I'll have to record ya one of these days so you can hear yourself one day. And you love to carry a camera, necklace & purse around everywhere. Your favorite dolls right now are the cabbage-patch & the Angelina Ballerina. Somehow you always find a way to make Papa & I laugh hysterically at dinner time, baby girl, we love you soo much! You will always be my "baby girl."

And now that you'll be a big sister in just a few short months, I have no doubts that you will be an amazing big sister. My heart swells up just thinking about it.

And apparently, I'm funny! ;)

I love you more than words....

Your mama <3

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