Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January recap

Getting back to blogging on a regular basis has not been the easiest task for me to tackle thus far this year with a newborn & all. But I'm not making any excuses, although I have to be honest, many times I've opted to nap instead of blogging. You'll have to forgive, I promise to get back on track. It's of course, on of my many new year resolutions.

The month of January, like December has been of month of learning & sleepless nights. Just yesterday, for the first time in two month I slept nine hours straight & God knows I needed it! My husband & I have always been the ones to go to bed early; just ask my close friends. And recently, yeah, that hasn't been happening. But all in all, having Emma with us is soo worth every minute of being sleep deprived and exhaustion to the point where you think you can no longer function. The happiness she brings causes my heart to over-flow with joy. Never knew it was possible to love someone soo soo much. Every mommy out there, I'm sure concurs.

Little shout-out to my hubby: Babe, thanks for being such a hard working man which allows me to stay home with our Emma. I love you!!

Everyone always says "babies grow too fast" & one does not understand that until you have your own. For this reason I decided to take at least one photograph of my growing Emma. Here is the set for January:

Week six is when she began cooing & mimicking sounds - its soo adorable!

Yup, she's my assistant :)

... and looking like daddy more each day ;)

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I LOVE hiking. I stopped going when I was about 7 months pregnant & I finally got the okay from the doc to start working-out six weeks after giving birth, but the baby & I had been sick. This past Saturday I stepped back on a hiking trail, with Emma & that's when I realized how much I had missed it! Here's my little hiking partner & I (photo taken on Monday with iphone)

 In other news, last week I finally got behind the camera after being on maternity leave! Here's a sneak of what will be hitting the blog soon!

Happy Wednesday loves! xo

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  1. I just absolutely love your work! It looks absolutely flawless..!!! :)


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