Thursday, August 5, 2010

Behind the Sences of Styled Shoot : Ft. Damaris Mia

(I know I'm super behind & I apologize)

Damaris Mia. She's a beautiful person inside & out. She's kind, caring and always willing to help out other photographers. We met online thru facebook & that was just the beginning... A couple months ago, Damaris invited me to join her in a styled shoot that featured one couple and three locations. Let me tell you, we had a blast! Since then, I had a session with her because I needed pictures for my website & a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - PF Changs. We've also discussed more styled shoots and photographer events :) So stay tuned for that. And if your a photographer & interested in joining us, shoot me an email and I'll keep you in the loop with those events.

Again, check out here website & facebook page... dont forget to show her some looooove!
(as bloggers, we appreciate every single comment. F'reals)

Getting down ;)

Damaris, your a talented photographer & I'm blessed to be able to call you my friend... 'Cheers' to many more years of friendship! And my God continue to prosper your business XOXO

Happy Friday ya'll!


  1. Damaris looks like a fun friend! Talented, gifted & cute!

  2. awww! I love them! Thanks so much :) yay!!! :)) You rock!!

  3. cute!!!!
    call me the next time you girls get together!! :)

  4. WOW, you guys are seriously amazing! I love your work... I would love to tag a long to one of your shoots! I don't even own a camera, but I love art. And this is as real as it gets!


  5. Aww yay!!

    I love her!!
    ♥ you two are awesome.

    can't wait to come to cali loves!!


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