Monday, November 2, 2009

2 Years & Counting

The flowers Eddy surprised me with the morning of our anniversary were a lovely red... and reminded me how lucky I am to have him!
I wanted to dedicate this entry to my loving husband, that although many doubted we would last the first year here we are celebrating two. Honey, I want to thank you number one for putting up with me and all my imperfections, for standing faithfully by my side thru the thick and thin. I will not lie to everyone and say that every day has been perfect, but I can say I would not change anything we have been thru together, because it has knitted our relationship stronger every passing day. Thank you for being my best friend for the past five years & for being honest with me when I ask you, "How does this look on me." I can always count on an honest answer from you. Also for accepting my pet-peeves, such as putting the tooth paste away :) and learning to love my favorite sport - baseball. Without you my life would not be complete & I cannot imagine a day going by without having to brew your coffee every morning. Baseball games, church, dinner dates would just not be the same. Because I know you are willing to go thru shark infested water to bring me an ice cold strawberry lemonade. For looking at me the way you do in the morning when you say "Good morning mi reina" and for treating me like a queen. Your the one that reminds me to hold my head up high regardless of the curve balls life my throw us. This list can go on forever but wont for the sake of my readers... Finally, thank you for supporting what I love to do & encouraging me to follow my dreams. Without you this photography business would not be possible.
And because I don't say it enough: I LOVE YOU!!! xoxo

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