Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Leesa Mattress


I have to start off by saying I'm very particular when it comes to sleeping comfortably, specifically a mattress and pillow. So a couple weeks ago we upgraded our mattress & we couldn't be more happy that we did! Oh and the girls are also obsessed! They all want to sleep with us now so we might have to be upgrading their mattresses soon too!

Leesa recently improved the top layer of foam and now keeps you cooler with the perfect amount of hug and bounce. We have seriously been sleeping better than ever! The fact that it is able to keep me cool throughout the night is a huge bonus, because, hello hormones. Am I right mamas? Also, I personally love that Leesa has minimal motion transfer so it doesn't wake up my husband when I get out of bed in the middle of the night if I need to tend to one of the girls! The mattress does not sink or make any noise what so ever! Huge difference from our previous.

Also, their pillow is wonderful, doesn't flatten out and most importantly supports my neck all night long. It is beautifully designed and very comfortable. I have to say, this pillow would be a dreamy gift for anyone this holiday season! See what I did there ;)

Lastly, I wanted to share some back story on my experience with the Leesa customer service team: At times that newborn haze rolls around... When ordering my mattress I accidentally ordered the wrong size! #mombrain And of course I did not realize this until after it was delivered! Anyway, I contacted their customer service, explained that it was completely my mistake & guys they made the exchange process SO easy! They even arranged for pickup! I'm still so impressed with how they handled everything and streamlined my next shipment. I really can't recommend this company enough!

The wonderful folks at Leesa have been so generous to give me a discount code for all of you to use at!
Use special discount code: RAISINGLITTLEWOMEN for $160 off any mattress!

Wishing you a blessed and restful holiday season!


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