Friday, March 22, 2013

Alex + Priscilla // Los Angeles Engagement

They are two of the nicest people you could ever come across! Their first meeting is definitely not the most romantic part of their love story. In fact, neither was their first impression of each other. But they quickly realized how wrong they were. Their first actual conversation happen when Alex got a quick sneak at Priscilla's "extreme" (in her words) clumsy side. Let's just say she accidentally spilled her drink on him! She then spent the next half hour apologizing & promising to buy him a new pair of jeans.   

Looking back now, Priscilla considers her clumsiness the best thing that ever happen to her. Because after she quit apologizing, her & Alex sat down and talked to each other for hours. After that, they quickly fell in love. Even though they may be complete opposites, its evident they compliment each other well, and appreciate the difference between them. 


Alex & Priscilla have so much fun together...but every so often, he looks at her with the sincerest gaze of adoration...and I can see why...just look at her!

In her words... What Priscilla loves about Alex:
  • He's incredibly smart & innovative. I don't tell him often because he is be quick to say "DUH... I went to CAL" (Go Bears!)
  • Alex has a way of enjoying the simple things in life. Things that I had taken for granted before such as taking walks at night and looking at the stars... or going to the beach... putting down a blanket & watching a movie... or taking a small road trip, just because!
  • He loves me for me. I have never had to pretend to be someone I'm not around him. 
  • He's cute!!! My future hubby is definitely easy on the eyes ;) 

In his words... What Alex loves about Priscilla: 
  • I love the feeling I get waking up to Priscilla every morning. My day starts out better just because of that. 
  • I love the facial expressions that she makes when she's really excited. It just makes me smile. 
  • I love that she is so smart! It's just a bonus to everything else I love about her. 

Alex & Priscilla are planning a stunning destination wedding in Cabo this May & I couldn't be more excited to hang out with them again soon!  

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