Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years day tradition

For the past three years on New Years day we've chosen to wake up early despite going to bed late the night before, and gotten ready to hike. Not just a one hour hike.... more like 5-6 hours round trip! Yes, I know some people may think I'm a little crazy because I hike every weekend. But seriously, you should try it. It has become my way to release stress. Its fun going with a group of friends or alone with the dogs ;)
So on 1-1-11 I got up early to make everyone turkey sandwiches & then we headed towards the mountains. The initial plan was to drive up the Los Angeles Crest Hwy & hike up there like we did last year, but due to snowy weather, the road was closed. Plan "B" was Echo Mountain in Altadena and it did not disappoint. It was a beautiful day with a few clouds, perfect hiking weather. 

This was the view from the first half of the hike.... it was amazing!

Wania was very happy to finish the first half... she made me proud! :)

There are sides of the mountain where the sun does not hit and this is the result... ICE

It was the cutest thing, Troy would go ahead & wait for me every single time, 
probably thinking "Hurry up mom!" 

with hubby <3


Yours truly 

Overall it took us approximately 5 hours round trip & I'm very proud of everyone that went. Although it got tough to the point where legs got weak, maybe felt like turning around & heading back tot he car - NO ONE GAVE UP! Yay

* * * FYI: Pictures without my logo were taken with my iphone * * *

Happy MONDAY friends, get out there and enjoy nature... you may like it!



  1. gorgeous pictures!! what a beautiful place to must have buns of steel after that hike!! lol
    I love that Troy waits for you.. Essa bounds off ahead..but only about 20 feet..then stops and waits. If her and Tim go off ahead and I get separated..she will come back and get me. She's always gotta push ahead and be first on the hike! Like she doesn't want to miss anything! :)

  2. Love it. Makes me want to go on a hike :) If you ever go hiking on a Sunday morning in the Whittier area again, let me know :)

  3. It is a great place to hike, you seriously need to come with me one of these days!!! Or I'll have to make it out to you ;) Yup Troy goes ahead with daddy & either comes down to me again (double the work for him I tell em' lol) or waits for me!
    Aren't they the greatest doggies - despite their bad rep! xoxo

  4. Going back to Whittier next Sunday D :) Hope you can make it out <3


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