Thursday, October 21, 2010


Do you have a favorite month that you look forward to each year?? I do, is that weird? And its not my birthday month or Christmas like most, but instead October! So many wonderful things have happend to me in this month, that they cannot go without mentioning because they have all come to form & line out my life... I wanted to share with you

in October . . . the love of my life asked me to be his girlfriend (2004)

in October . . . Eddy + I celebrated anniversary years as boyfriend and girlfriend

in October . . . I married my best friend in the presence of family + friends (2007)

in October . . . we have taken anniversary portraits ever since

in October . . . our best friends Raul + Crystal were married (2008)

in October . . .  we got our baby girl Lola <3 (2008)

in October . . . I gave into my instincts & asked a friend if I could take her picture (2009)

in October . . . after that I decided to pursue my dreams & start my own business (2009)

in October . . .  We  celebrated our anniversary in Vegas with our best friends (2009)

in October . . . I've come soo far from where I started & have learned so much! (2010)

in October . . . hubby decided to invest in me & get me a new camera + lens (2010)

in October . . . We will be celebrating 3 years of marriage taking a road trip up to San Francisco (2010)

I feel extremely blessed to have people in my life who have supported me with kind encouraging words & actions from day 1... to you, I want to say THANK YOU. To Eddy, my soul mate, I love you forever, thank you for loving me for who I am, and for encouraging me to pursue my dream! To those of you who are reading this right now, thanks for taking time out of your busy day :)

Happy Thursday in October everyone!


  1. i cannot believe it is going to be another year Belinda. Congrats to you and Eddy love you girly


  2. Awwww Beli you really are an amazing women! May God bless you and your family and friends! You truly deserve it!
    Love ya, Karla <3

  3. Hey Karla, you were the first person I asked to photograph... REMEMBER?? Crazy how time goes by soooo fast huh!

    Yessy, thanks girlie I Love yoU!

  4. OMG... you made me cry... lol in a good way... tears of JOY :D that was so beautiful... I don't have words to express how blessed I am or we are to have a best friend like you and Eddy... I always ask God to continue to bless our lives with friendships :) I love you and your family (including the furkids ;) )May God continue to bless you and your business... Much love, <3 Crystal <3

    P.S. October IS the best month ;)

  5. If I were you, Oct. would be my favorite month too! Glad you found your passion, and doing what you love!

  6. Okay, I REALLY love that quotes. I'm going to steal it.

    Congrats on another year of marriage. Be blessed! <3


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