Thursday, September 30, 2010


FYI, this blog entry cannot get any more personal. And I'm having to break it up in two parts...

For the past 30+ days, I've been dealing with something totally new & unexpected. I havent been able to talk to many about it, for one simple reason: I didnt want anyone to worry.

On August 30th I went in to the doctors for my annual exam... After getting weighed the nurse took my blood pressure. "Its high" I remember her muttering. I sat in the cold room for about five minutes until the doc walked in. She did her thing and then asked if I was there for a specific reason besides my annual exam. I breifly mentioned my wrist, my right one specifically, hurt me while I was on the computer. Thats when she introduced me to my new BFF, a splint. Said it could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. After discussing that, she was getting ready to leave the room & I blurted out " I've felt something on one of my breast for the past couple of months!" She turned around and looked at me, "Well why hadnt you mentioned that earlier honey..." I wasnt going to tell her the truth, because I was scared... After she examined me my fears became a reality, I indeed had an abnormal lump. The docotor then advised me to go get an ultrasound.

The following Monday I called to make the ultrasound appointment, and thats when it all hit me like a cold bucket of water. Could this really be happening to me? I hesitated to tell my own mother, because well, I didnt want her to worry. She worries enough, like all moms do right? But my husband convinced me, so I did. Mom assured me that it was normal & that young women came in all the time to the hospital (my mom works at a hospital) for ultrasounds in their breast. Did that put me at ease? Truthfully, I dont think anything could.

. . . To Be Continued . . .

And because a post is always better with a picture, here's my latest infatuation: CLOUDS :)

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  1. The picture is beautiful Belinda. I will pray for you. Of course people will worry, we love you! Praying for good news. Call me anytime if you need to talk.


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