Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Encino Wedding: Phil & Maggie

Phil & Maggie met while both were freshmen in 2002 at UC Santa Cruz, but didnt get together until after they had graduated in 2006. Because they lived in different parts of California, they had a long-distance relationship, but in the summer of 2007 they decided to vacation in Argentina and met up in Buenos Aires. The rest of the time they talked by phone or IM and took turns once a month on Southwest Airlines between L.A. and the Bay Area or Sacramento, when Phil was going to UC Davis grad school. Maggie moved to San Francisco in February 2009 and started at the Art Academy in June. They got engaged last summer & decided to get married after Phil joined the Navy, where he’ll head for basic training in April 2010. Maggie will finish grad school in 2011 and join Phil wherever he is.
Maggie is my kind of gal! Loves & appreciates the simple things in life. Therefore she wanted a simple wedding to celebrate with her family & friends. It turned out to be a intimate & memorable day for all who where there to witness. . .

Together in front of their family and friends, Maggie & Phil made a solemn oath to love, honor, and cherish.

Father of the bride . . .

First dance as husband & wife <3

This was a very fun group!

Phil & Maggie best wishes for the future! XOXO

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