Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simply Adorable: Baby Omar <3

Tiny hands, tiny feet & toes, tiny eyes & lips... Ohhh how I love photographing babies! They are soo cute you just wanna squeez them! Its actually a huge responsiblity because we cant go back in time & everyone knows they grow too quickly... and if thru my photography you'r able to relive these moments, I've done my job!
I did Natalie's maternity photo's here, so it was a special treat to do his new born pictures as well! It's incrediable to think that just a couple weeks ago baby Omar was in his own world (mom's belly) & now is here with us :D I can see the joy he brings to his mom, and for the record Natalie, as a first time mommy, your doing an awsome job!
Here are my favorites from that day:

My favortie!

This picture makes my heart melt...


Omar & Natalie, thank you for trusting me to take baby Omar's photos . . . XOXO


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