Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas: Anthony & Laurie

When Laurie & I spoke about a location, she insisted we take the pictures at her moms, because she decorates beautifully for Christmas. Let me tell you, that was an understatement! It was GORGEOUS! It's obvious it was decorated with love and it made a fabulous backdrop for pictures :)
Anthony is already 4 years young & Laurie said she wanted pictures that captured this stage in his life... I told her I was the person she was looking for, because thats what I'm all about. Personally, I'm not a big fan of poused photography, instead I prefer the photojournalistic approach. Here are the images from that morning... Enjoy!

Check out that awsome bow-tie... mom made it herself :) - can you say adorable? I know right!

Luarie is such a great mom, she can name ALL the Transformer figurines (which I can barely pronounce) because that's what Anothony is into right now :)


Wanted to say thank you for letting me in to your lovely home!

Cannot wait until we work together again :) Happy Holidays!!! xoxo

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