Thursday, August 30, 2012

Letter to my daughter: Nine months later

Dear Emma,

Where do I start? You growing soo fast! I can't believe nine months have already gone by & it seems like just yesterday I laid eyes on you as they put you in my arms. Let me tell you, that was the happiest day of my life. Immediately you filled my heart with love & I couldn't stop starring at you!

And here we are, nine months later & I'm still smitten. Your now crawling & cruising from the coffee table to the couch and back again. Others say you will be walking very soon. Although you had your first taste of solids at five months, now your really eating food every couple of hours. So far you've liked everything I have offered - thank you for not being a picky eater like me :) You love chicken soup & sweet potatoes! And water which makes me very happy. Another thing you LOVE to do is wave at pretty much the whole world. Everywhere we go, you wave. You give me wet kisses that I wish I could bottle up. You also get very excited when I say "Papi is home"which let me tell you, makes him forget how tired he his. Your favorite song at the moment is "On top of spaghetti" & "Two little birds". You have your own dialect that you only share with certain people here's a snippet below:

You always wake up with a smile on your face & I love it... today in particular you were standing on your crib making a sound as you pointed towards the tutu that I made you when you were just three months. So I decided to put it on you and snap a couple pictures. To celebrate all the joy you have brought to "Papi" & I these past nine months, I gifted you with your first camera. I have a feeling photography might grow on you ;)

All about silly faces! 

Had to get Troy [aka Em's bodyguard] into a picture too :)

bye, bye!

Baby girl, daddy& I love you very much. Your our BIG blessing from above! We thank God every chance we get for the gift of being your parents.

Love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow - Mum

the ah-mazing camera was  purchased on Etsy :)

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  1. Beautiful Emma! I hope she has years enjoying her personal camera. Take care,

    Kimber, little sapling toys


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