Friday, December 2, 2011

Week One In Review

Yes, internet, I know... Its been lets say for-eva since I've blogged.  Please accept my apologies... Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks leading up to giving birth to my first.

One week ago today, at 10:46 A.M., I became mommy to a healthy baby girl! She immediately became my everything & I love her more than words can describe.

Despite the fact that many things can wrong during ones pregnancy, I'm grateful that God was merciful & was by myside even during the intense seconds before Emma Elizabeth made her grand entrance into this world. The minute I heard her cry for the very first time I began bawling. And the first time I was able to carry her in my arms I knew she would change my life forever. That life would never be the same.

One week later my sunshine brightens my day no matter the forecast outside...
All because she stole my heart & made it her own.
Both my husband & I will never forget this Thanksgiving.

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
You are my little miracle baby girl.

Have a great weekend! You know with her by my side, I will.



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